FH Potsdam
Uni Potsdam


Steffen Fiedler & Jonas Loh


~IDENTITÄT – Die Gestalt der Digitalen Identität

The bachelor thesis ~IDENTITÄT – The »Gestalt« of digital identity of Jonas Loh & Steffen Fiedler evaluates how digital identity is generated to determine parameters on which a comparable analyses of the digital identity is possible.
More than one hundred thousand personal raw data sets were crawled from the web to fill this parameters with subject matters. Based on the thesis that the digital identity is measurable and comparable these data sets were visualized using custom computational tools.

These stud­ies were designed to under­stand the data and determine its characteristics regarding the construction of digital identity.

After the analysis phase the data was visually abstracted and interpreted to give the disembodied digital identity a unique and characteristic »Gestalt« in form of a generated sculpture.

Betreuung durch Prof. Boris Müller und
Prof. Matthias Krohn
Entstehung von März bis Juli 2009